A Sincere Note for All My Good Friends

Memilih demi anak cucu kelak…


Dear friends,

In 3 more days, it will come the time we’ve been waiting for: the time when our social media timeline will once again be free from hatred of those who have been so fierce-fully campaigning their choice of the future president. In 3 more days my social media life should come back normal again, filled with baby pictures and motivational quotes.

However, as I lay in my bed waiting for my son to sleep earlier today, it struck me hard. Will our lives ever be back to normal after the 9th of July?

Dear friends, when we go to cast our vote next Wednesday, did it ever occur to your mind that with every hole we punch on that simple piece of paper, we are actually making a history? A history that forever will be written in our nation’s history that one day in the future we will…

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